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Montelabbate, Italy
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Icon, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, has been created using solutions of great technical value and strong visual impact, finishing elements capable of modifying the sense of comfort and giving the kitchen an interpretation which is not only aesthetic, but also tactile.

The Air door has a ventilation filter in the concealed edge and holes in the door's internal panel. Thanks to the filter fitted, the air entering the interior is cleaner. Evolution, the extending island or peninsula table is a key item in the Icon range. Evolution can be personalised in a wide range of materials and finishes and is ideal as a snack top in closed version or as a dining table when open.

In Living Set the top has a splash raiser to take the wiring of TVs, decoders, sound systems, etc. Led lighting between the splash raiser and the boiserie panel not only illuminates the wall but also provides "soft" lighting for the room. Comprises boiserie panels which can be equipped with shelves and suspended cabinets of various sizes.

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Specifiche tecniche

ANTA AIR sp. 2,8 cm in alluminio anodizzato 0 chimico

BASI in gres porcellanato “Fokos” rena

PIANO UNION in gres porcellanato “Fokos” rena


in legno massello DELUXE rovere quercus

BOISERIE laccato opaco Flat Matt grigio seta

ARMADIO INDOOR con anta sp. 2,2 cm con maniglia GAP alluminio

anodizzato 0 chimico. Laccato opaco Flat Matt grigio seta

con interni in impiallacciato rovere light

BASI LIVING SET laccato opaco Flat Matt grigio seta

PENSILE FLAP struttura laccato opaco Flat Matt grigio seta

con anta in vetro trasparente con sistema di apertura a ribalta

Icon Collection by ERNESTOMEDA
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