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Steel and PVC sink siphon

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Oldenzaal, Netherlands
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Steel and PVC sink siphon
Steel and PVC

Slim Tube:
Low installation depth
With an installation depth of only 2 cm, the SlimTube offers an optimal solution for this problem. Due to the elongated flat ellipse shape, the SlimTube has a comparable cross-cut like a drainage pipe of approximately 50mm Ø. This exceeds the minimum requirements with regard to the flow of a drainage pipe of 40mm Ø. Because of the low installation depth of 2 cm, every wall construction stays unchanged. Adjoined wall damages are a part of the past. The drain can also be brought in front of a wall and leveled with a 2 cm thick ceramic plate (construction plate/gypsum cardboard plate), rough plaster and so on.

Product description
Flat oval shaped PVC-pipe L = 750 mm
Curve 90°, 40 mm (syphon connection)
Curve 90° exit 50 mm (drain connection)
Protection cover
Transition rubber 40/32

Cut the flat oval PVC-pipe exactly to the required lenght
Deburr the ends of the pipe and fitting, shear cut, sand and clean carefully
Smear the pipe and curves evenly with PVC-glue/adhesive and merge immediately
Remove immediately redundant adhesive, don't strain the connection point during the drying
For more information with regard to gluing, see technical data sheet of the adhesive supplier

Further info from manufacturer on SLIM TUBE

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