Polymer-bitumen membrane accessories

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Polymer-bitumen membrane accessories

Eterno Ivica offers a complete line of accessories made entirely from bituminous membrane with stabilized reinforcement. These include drain outlets, corner elements, and angular profiles in reinforced bituminous membrane. All the elements are designed, manufactured and tested by specialists in the field of waterproof PBM roofing.
Providing installers with endless certainties.

Once again ETERNO IVICA does a revolution in the world of accessories for waterproofing systems. Revolution stays in the flange made of a piece of polymeric modified bituminous membrane. Revolution stays also in the adhesion, totally perfect and quick to any sort of bituminous membrane, both in single or double layer. Revolution stays ultimately in the spigot 450mm and 250 mm long, the one in the market with 10 real anti-infiltration tongues to prevent any infiltration between spigot and pipe in case of water back-up. Due to the thickness of the bituminous membrane, we please you pay attention to the real internal size of the drain.
The bituminous prefabricated corners are made by hot folding of a unique piece of bituminous membrane with composite reinforcement. The main advantage is the total melting to the waterproofing sheet as long as their flexibility during installation which give a total waterproofing guarantee on the most risky points.

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