Roof drain straight telescopic with fiberglass mesh

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Padua, Italy
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Roof drain straight telescopic with fiberglass mesh

Liquid series accessories are compatible with all types of waterproofing liquids and two-component cements. It’s the only drain system that’s capable of ensuring absolute continuity between the waterproofing and the water channelling accessories, thanks to the thermo-fusion of the non-woven fabric or fibre glass sheet to the cover flange, thus preventing the risk of leaks around the drains. Comprised of drain outlets and gutters, the product range is designed for terraces, balconies and showers, and provides for significantly reduced installation times.

Available in five diameters: 50-75-82-90-100 mm. The Liquid vertical exit drain with fiberglass mesh is provided of certified fiberglass mesh, that allows compatibility especially with water base liquid waterproofing materials. The PP flange is provided of knurled surface on both sides, to improve the adherence of liquid waterproofing materials. Small steps on the upper part of the spigot allow dripping of water coming from any upper infiltration.

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Liquid telescopic with fiberglass mesh
Performance and advantages, fused firmly together. The strength: thermal fusion between the flange of the drain outlet and the non-woven fabric or fibre glass sheet.
The Liquid line is furnished in a kit comprised of a drain outlet, an extension, an anti-odour plug, and a stainless steel grille and frame.  The flange’s structure features double knurling, which ensures improved coupling using waterproofing liquids and two-component cements. In the horizontal model, the inclined base ensures better water drainage, thus preventing any water from remaining inside the cover.
Additional exclusive performance advantages:
- the steps inside of the shank prevent the extension from creating a suction effect, thus allowing for any water infiltrations to drain off
- the special extension also allows for glue and tiles to be installed on top of the waterproofing
- the anti-odour plug prevents the backflow of any odours, as well as the entry of any insects that may be present inside the pipes.
The entire system can be inspected through the stainless steel grille.

Liquid Collection by ETERNO IVICA
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