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Concrete Bench



THE CAMDEN BENCH evolved from designs developed for Camden Borough Council. This bench is designed with contemporary street seating needs in mind, including resisting criminal and anti-social behaviour:
• Deters rough sleeping – ridged top an sloped surfaces make it difficult to lie on; 
• Deters drug dealing – there are no slots or crevices in which to hide such materials; 
• Deters bag theft – recesses along the bench allow people to store bags behind their legs out of harm’s way;
• Reduces littering – there are no flat surfaces or crevices where litter usually accumulates. 
• Easy to relocate.
• Anti Hostile Vehicle Mitigation PAS 68 (security) version is also available 
The bench is made from concrete and comes 
in a variety of available finishes.

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Metric length 2700mm | width 550mm | height 650mm.
Imperial length 8’ 10½” | width 1’ 9½” | height 2’ 1½”.

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