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Wooden house

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Malosco, Italy
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Wooden house


Wooden house

Fanti Timber Homes plan and construct bespoke biocompatible and ecosustainable wooden buildings (houses, tourist accommodation and prestigious residence complexes) that can be adapted to all types of construction - healthy, balanced and totally environmentally friendly - in perfect harmony with nature.
Our highly specialized know-how, the use of cutting-edge tools and equipment, and the careful selection of timber, exclusively from the certified woodlands of the Trento alpine region (conforming rigidly to the strict parameters laid down by law), characterize every feature of Fanti Home, guaranteeing charm, quality, comfort and cosiness.
Fulfilling your housing wishes “naturally” gives many advantages, and represents an innovative solution in the field of traditional construction. The walls and structures of timber buildings are constructed in wood, supported by cement foundations and floors, making them far superior in terms of comfort to architectural spaces made of concrete, reinforced or not. Construction in timber is characterized by the use of various layers and insulation, and the interweaving of different materials. Our houses are not pre-fabricated, except for a few components that are pre-assembled in our workshop; they fulfil every technical and physical requirement and guarantee several significant benefits. Architectural works constructed in this way can be rendered and finished

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