Fanti Legnami Wooden ventilated roof system

Wooden ventilated roof system

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Fanti Legnami

Malosco, Italy
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Wooden ventilated roof system


Wooden ventilated roof system



Fanti Timber Roofs plans, builds and lays timber roofs in glued laminated and double laminated timber, or glulam, for both public and private buildings. Based on their considerable know-how and experience of carpentry and the local wood, our craftsmen never fail to provide solutions that can be easily adapted to buildings of every type, to every style and taste. Our roofs are the crowning glory of every construction, conferring style and panache to a house or workplace and transforming them into a place where art and creativity unite.

Our Roof Stylists
Fanti Timber Roofs distinguishes itself for the wide variety of woods it uses and its ability to employ varied and specific workmanship techniques to meet even the boldest structural and aesthetic demands while respecting the balance with the overall structure of the building. The warmth, luminosity and elegance of our timber roofs confer charm and prestige to every home, accentuating the sensations of comfort and cosiness.

The design and construction of a roof to the highest possible standard requires specific skills, in terms of both in-depth knowledge of materials and construction techniques, in full respect of the environment, and the local and national rules and regulations governing construction.

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