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Tortoreto Lido, Italy
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Glass for LED

Lumen, the glass that loves the night, is called as the unit of luminous flux, although it is still a glass.
It’s Lumen, a new product of the Faraone, an Italian company that is wellknown throughout the world for its skill in the creation of glass architecture.
Lumen consists of a sheet of glass that is capable of illuminate thanks to a LED installation on the glass board. Lumen is intended to be integrated into the structures designed by the company, such as balustrades, canopies but also stairs and glass doors, in order to create spectacular optical effects. Imagine the entire facade of a hotel that, at night, releases harmonious beams of colored light, offering wonder and amazement to passers-by. Or glass stairs and glass doors capable of leading, thanks to Lumen’s own properties, the customer on the premises of a lounge bar or a dance club. The potential uses of Lumen are virtually unlimited; Lumen, the glass that loves the night.
Lumen’s functioning is extremely simple and allows to program when to turn on and off this luminous glass.

- Low power consumption:
This technology generates energy savings reaching as much as 90% compared to traditional light sources.
- Long LIFE:
LEDs guarantee a life cycle around 20 times longer than normal light bulbs.
- Respect of the environment: it is a non-polluting light form.
- Lumen offers spectacular light effects:
the LEDs can radiate monochromatic or multicolour lights, following the RGB scale.
_ Versatility:
for internal or external purposes.

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