Hydraulic and hydrated lime based plaster

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Spresiano, Italy
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I 133


Hydraulic and hydrated lime based plaster

Mineral fine-grained base and finish coat plaster for decorative products for exteriors and interiors.
I 133 is used as a setting coat for exteriors and interiors and is applied on lime and cement base coat plasters (e.g. KB13, KC 1, KS 9, KI 7, etc.). It is also used as a set for glossy interior finishes such as SD 111, smooth interior finishes such as RC 155 and satin exterior and interior finishes such as LS 122. I 133 can also be used as a decorative fine-grained finishing plaster, white or coloured, for exteriors and interiors when applied in two layers. Do not apply I133 on fine mortar, since the product applied in thick layers, being particurarly hard, could lead to the detachment from the base coat plaster. On fine mortar only apply skim coats such as RC 155, after checking the mechanical strength and the adhesion of the mortar to the plaster. For exteriors 5-7% of white cement can be added to accelerate the drying process and give the required hardness and resistance to the finished product.
- containers of 25 kg approx. 
- Hues: see colour chart.

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