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Glass canopy

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Glass canopy


Aluminium, Steel

OPENABLE ROOF of the Pergoveranda line.
It comes complete with the HTSS-SP (Hard Top Sliding System Snow Proof) system. The roof is made up of special panels (in-house designed Model FC SP). The maximum projection in the T Range is 6500 mm. The maximum distance between one guide and the next is 4500 mm. The T Range is certified for snow load (MIN 120 kg). Wind resistance is guaranteed up to Level 10 on the Beaufort scale.
Structural aluminium profiles enaw 6060
Powder paint classification in accordance with qualicoat classes, chrome-free titanium pre-treatments
Structural calculations
En 1990 eurocode basis of structural design
En 1991-1-1 eurocode 1 action on structures: general action en 1991-1-4 eurocode 1  action on structures: wind actions
En 1992-1-1 eurocode 2 design of concrete structures: general rules en 1993-1-1 eurocode 3 – design of steel structures: general rules
En 1998-1-1 eurocode 8  design of structures for earthquake resistance en 1999-1-1 eurocode 9 design of aluminium structures: general rules
Aisi 304 stainless steel - standard
Aisi 316 stainless steel - on customer's request (marine areas)
Stainless steel a2 panels
Thickness 32 mm
Materials aluminium/steel ral 9010
Tubular drives becker l120/11 hk.
Drive elements
Drive shaft 70/63 mm aisi 304 stainless steel, aisi 304 and aluminium pulleys
Protected stainless steel hubs, supports and bearings, 16-mm metric belt drive with strands of synthetic aramid fibre (kevlar) complete with easy click connectors
Single module front and rear connector
single module side connector
Single module resting on existing structure

Ps all fastening systems are studied on an individual basis depending on application

max projection: 6500 mm
max width: 4910 mm (single module)
Dimensions SERIE T

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