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Plastic dome and module for ventilated hollow floor

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Calcinato, Italy
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Plastic dome and module for ventilated hollow floor

With MAGNUM a safe platform which can be walked on is created and over this the concrete is cast. MAGNUM is generally installed on a foundation of lean concrete of varying thickness depending on the situation. After the laying of a suitable mesh, proceeding with the casting of concrete, many pillars are formed which, once the concrete is cured, determine the actual resistance of the floor, with the uniform distribution of loads over the entire surface. MAGNUM is used in new constructions or in renovations of residential and industrial buildings. MAGNUM creates a plumbing space with an appropriate steam barrier for the floor and, properly ventilated by pipes connected with the outside, a vehicle for the disposal of Radon gas. MAGNUM has a spherical shape: this feature allows the structure to work in an arc, (single compression of the concrete) allowing maximum mechanical strength with minimum thickness of concrete, ensuring considerable saving in materials. The spherical shape of the cap allows for the instant identification of the concrete section with the minimum thickness. In this way, at that section the necessary contraction joints can be made, with the absolute guarantee that shrinkage cracks can be controlled. MAGNUM resists a load of 150 kg. This is the minimum limit required by Italian law, since it corresponds to the weight of a person walking on it safely.

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