Fila FILA PRC110

Anti-deterioration consolidating product

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San Martino di Lupari, Italy
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Anti-deterioration consolidating product

FILAPRC110 Anti-deterioration consolidating product.
What It’s For
Anti-deterioration consolidating product that restores consistency and resistance t natural stone, brickwork, terracotta, fair-faced bricks, and quarry tiles. 
FILAPRC110 works by stopping the material from ageing and preventing subsequent flaking. It penetrates deep down, reacting with the substrate if this is silicon-based, or acting purely as a filler if the material is calcareous.
It consolidates materials and strengthens their structure. 
It also consolidates grouting. 
It slows down natural deterioration. 
It is an excellent prevention for crumbly materials. 
It resists atmospheric agents. 
It does not form films or surface layers that yellow with time. 
It does not seal, but covers porous materials allowing them to breathe. 
Materials to be treated
Quarry tile
Unpolished stone and agglomerates
5 litre cans in box of 4.

Further info from manufacturer on FILA PRC110
Further details
No dilution: ready to use
Apply to dry substrates at a temperature between 5° and 30°C. Using an airless spray or roller, apply the product until the foundation is soaked: when the product has still not been absorbed one minute after application. Apply evenly and abundantly and eliminate any excess product immediately with FILASOLV.
In the case of badly damaged substrates another coat must be applied no later than 4 hours after the first coat. Should rings appear because the excess product was not removed properly, we recommend washing with FILASOLV using an airless spray. When applying to walls, start from the top.
Maintenance: diluted solution of FILACLEANER
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Dispose of the container properly after use.
• The product releases solvent fumes.
If used indoors we recommend airing the room.
Storage temperature: between 0° C and 30° C. Must be applied to material at temperatures between 5° and 30° C.
Single-component system made from organic silicon compounds.

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