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San Martino di Lupari, Italy
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Consolidant protective

SALVATERRAZZA Solvent-based anti-infiltration consolidating protector 
What It’s For
Protects terracotta, quarry tiles, porcelain tiles, cement and natural stone from water and damp. 
Penetrates into materials strengthening the surface. 
Removes any water seepage problem. 
Prevents water seepage, and formation of mould and efflorescence and consequently any serious structural issues. 
Protects grout joints. 
Penetrates into small cracks (from 0.5 µm to 1 mm) making them water repellent.
It does not form surface film and allows treated materials to breathe. 
Easy to use because it is ready to apply. 
Does not yellow with ageing or due to any environmental condition. 
Provides high coverage.
Materials to be treated
Quarry tiles
Porcelain stoneware
Stone and agglomerates
1-litre cans in boxes of 12. 
5-litre cans in boxes of 4.

Further info from manufacturer on SALVATERRAZZA
Further details
No dilution required: ready to use.
Wash the floor thoroughly with a de-greasing detergent FILASP87 or DETERDEK according to need. When the floor is dry, apply SALVATERRAZZA evenly over the entire surface, using a paintbrush or other applicator, taking care to impregnate joints and cracks thoroughly. Work into the surface with a cloth within 5 minutes so as to dry it and remove any excess product thoroughly. The paving can be walked on 24 hours after the final coat.
On particularly absorbent materials such as sandstone, limestone, terracotta and concrete, apply a second coat 24 hours after the first, following the same procedure. The product may brighten the material, so we recommend testing its reaction beforehand on a small area. Do not apply the product externally if rain is forecast
How it works
SALVATERRAZZA removes any water seepage problems which form mould, efflorescences and further structure issues with frost.
The product penetrates into fissures and bonds chemically with the material increasing its solidity. SALVATERRAZZA prevents water penetration but lets the material breathe without creating any superficial film
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Do not disperse into the environment after use.
• The use of a single-disc cleaning machine is permitted only if it is perfectly undamaged.
Storage temperature: from 0° to 30°C.
The product should be applied to materials with temperature between 5° and 30° C.
• A mixture of siloxane compounds dispersed in de-aromatised hydrocarbon solvent. Pursuant to It.Leg.Dec. No.161/06 class: Fixative primers (consolidator) EU limit value for this product (Cat: 1/h): 750 g/l (2010) This product contains no more than 624.87 g/l

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