Flooring protection

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San Martino di Lupari, Italy
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Flooring protection

FILAPD15 Solvent-based dirt repellent protector for lappato porcelain tiles.
What It’s For
Protects the surface from underfoot dirt and heavy wear. 
Restores sheen by increasing the material’s surface shine. 
Makes ordinary maintenance of lappato porcelain tiles easier. 
Penetrates deep down, protecting the material from water and oily stains. 
The protection reaches maximum effectiveness after 24 hours.
Specific product for all kinds of lappato porcelain tiles. 
The protection does not form a film and allows the surface to breathe. 
Protection is permanent with no need for further application of the product. 
Ready to use. 
Highly resistant to traffic and maintenance cleaning. 
Specific product for all kinds of lappato porcelain tiles. 
Does not yellow, UV resistant. 
High coverage. 
The product becomes an integral part of the material without altering its appearance. (Min.Dec. No. 236 of 14/06/1989 and ASTM C 1028-2007).
Materials to be treated
Lappato porcelain tiles
1-litre cans in boxes of 6.

No dilution required: ready to use. 
Application for new installations: 
1. Wash the floor thoroughly using DETERDEK (cement grout) or FILACR10 (epoxy grout).
2. With the surface clean and dry, apply FILAPD15 evenly on the surface (including grout joints) using a brush, sponge or fleece cloth. 
3. Rub the surface with a cloth, paper or single disc machine with white disc to help with product penetration. 
4. Remove any residue within 10 minutes, using a clean cotton cloth or single-disc machine fitted with a white pad. We recommend applying the product on 2-3 m² at a time. 
5. The surface is ready for use after 8 hours. 

Application on untreated surface to be restored: 
1. Wash the floor using FILAPS87 and/or DETERDEK. 2. Apply FILAPD15 on the dry surface in the manner described above.
2. Apply FILAPD15 on the dry surface in the manner described above.

In case of stubborn residues, rub the surface with a cloth wetted with the product until they disappear completely. 

It may enhance the colour of the material and/or grout, carry out a spot test beforehand to check for any changes in colour.

• This is a solvent-based product, we recommend airing the room during application. 

A mixture of siloxanic compounds dispersed in de-aromatised hydrocarbon solvent.

Further info from manufacturer on FILAPD15

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