FIMA Carlo Frattini HARMONIA | Overhead shower for chromotherapy

Chromed brass overhead shower for chromotherapy

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FIMA Carlo Frattini

Briga Novarese, Italy
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HARMONIA | Overhead shower for chromotherapy


Chromed brass overhead shower for chromotherapy


Chromed brass

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The HARMONIA line by FIMA Carlo Frattini, a firm known for its design expertise and capacity for innovation, consists of two exclusive ceiling shower heads with wellness in mind and feature clean lines, aesthetic precision and multifunctionality in equal measure. Belonging to FIMA Aqua Code, the division which creates innovative and impeccably designed products, is the interpreter of a new language: the language of an extraordinary blend of innovation, emotion and technology with the best possible quality-price ratio. The geometric shapes have clean and compact lines but are sizeable at the same time. This helps provide water flows which are able to evoke a range of emotions: true italian-made haven of hydrotherapy where you can experience water in its totality.
The HARMONIA heads are high-end, stylish and contemporary products and fall into two different categories according to their size and function:
- the first is a square shaped head (45 x 45 cm) featuring a grid of “rainfall” nozzles flanked by 8 jets which provide a refreshing water spray. Two colour-changing 3W LED lamps (8 colour cycle) also have a beneficial chromotherapeutic effect;
- the second product type is a rectangular head (60 x 40 cm) with 2 cascade jets. These produce water curtains which regenerate and revitalise as they converge towards the centre. This type of head also features rainfall mode and two colour-changing 3W LED lamps (8 colour cycle) which have a beneficial chromotherapeutic effect.

ceiling mounted showerhead HARMONIA (60x40 cm) with 2 cascade flows that converge at the center, creating a refreshing effect. Equipped with two lights with 3 watt LED colors that stimulate beneficial actions of chromotherapy, and rain flow. 

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Harmonia Collection by FIMA Carlo Frattini
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