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Heat recovery unit

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Faetano, San Marino
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Heat recovery unit

These recuperators, constituted of 11 series, are used to regenerate heat in public rooms, like pub, meeting room, small and medium locals.

Inside hot air and outside cool air cross together but they don’t mix and mean while the hot of the inside defected air is being transferd to outside cool air. The efficiency of the recuperator in standard conditions (outside -5°C, inside 20°C with 50% of relative humidity) is always upper than 50%. The circular connections with exhaust and supply ducts can be fixed on each different side of the recuperator, to make easier the installation, for the RCA-DC series.

Thanks to centrifugal fans BRUSHLESS-DC incorporated in the recuperators, we have excellent benefits and lower energy consumption but also aeraulic performances with constant pressure and airflow so to avoid the pressure drop due to clogging of the filters (F6 – F7 –F8 –F9) positioned inside or outside (CFT moduls). This due to the variable speed in automatic mode, using un integrated electronic system (PCF) that allows to control performances and consumption of the recuperator. Also this recuperator con be controlled by various sensors (CO2 –temperature – humidity – pc …)

Manual control - Automatic control INPUT 0-10 VDC - Electric battery BAT series - Cool and warm water battery to be included on request- Modular filter CFT - Outside roof - Electric control for CO2 filters - CO2 sensor temperature humidity

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