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Fiorini IndustriesAQUAMATIC

Fast Heater and Fresh Water Station

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Fiorini Industries

FORLI', Italy
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Fast Heater and Fresh Water Station

The Aquamatic is an innovative “plug and play” system, which unites both the functions of an inertial tank and an instantaneous DHW production unit in one system. The Aquamatic is elegant and has an original design.
Suitable for heating installations powered by one or more energy sources (traditional water heater, heat pump, biomass water heater, solar thermal…). The device guarantees the inertial storage of technical water and at the same time, the instantaneous production of domestic hot water at the temperature set by the user and with limited chalk formation. The thermal exchange is carried out through the AISI 316 stainless steel plate heat exchanger, which guarantees hygiene and elevated performances. The heat exchanger is integrated with the storage tank from which it takes energy.
The system consists of all components necessary for functioning and can be monitored through a control unit with graphic display.
The heart of the Aquamatic system is the particular electronic regulation, developed by Fiorini, which guarantees that the DHW temperature set through the modulation of the primary circuit flow will be reached and maintained. In this way, there is:
✔ A high thermal increase on the primary circuit in order to optimize the efficiency of the generator (heat pump; solar thermal; biomass, etc.)
✔ Precise and trustworthy regulation

Thanks to the highly efficient thermal exchange system the unitis the ideal solution for devices with single or double use in residential or commercial installations that are supplied by a heat pump and/or solar panels and that use a low temperature thermal storage tank (50-55°C).

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