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Fiorini IndustriesHP 2.0

Hydronic Kits for water refrigeration unit

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Fiorini Industries

FORLI', Italy
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HP 2.0
Hydronic Kits for water refrigeration unit

The HP 2.0 units are hydraulic stations meant to reduce the set-up time of the conditioning and cooling devices. They can be linked to any kind of water cooler.
The HP unit has:
• piping insulated with anti-condensate elastomere
• Single or double centrifugal pump with shutoff valve
• Power switchboard with device to alternate pumps with every start-up (version with two pumps), start-up of the back-up pump in case of breakdown (version with two pumps), magnetothermal protection, contacts to command the pumps from a distance, protection category IP55.
• Expansion vessel (optional)
• Safety valve
• Deaerator
• Manometer
• Fill-up/discharge valve
• Base in galvanized and coated steel sheets
• Self-supporting aluminium panels for outdoor installation
• Panels that can be quickly and easily removed
• Easy and quick access to the switchboard

The broad range of combinations offers a solution for every single type of installation.

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Bim and Cad

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