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Storage and production of hot domestic water

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Storage and production of hot domestic water

The AFK and AFK INOX systems for the fast production of domestic hot water are composed of two parts: a Flexy or Boil storage tank with a capacity of up to 2000l and an AFK kit. The AFK kit consists of a high efficiency gasketed plate thermal exchange unit and a circulation pump on the domestic water circuit. Because of the possibility of combining the AFK kit with a large number of storage tanks, we can come up with many options for the fast production of domestic hot water in small and medium-sized buildings (houses, restaurants, hotels, sport centres, etc.). It is also possible to couple the storage tank with an external heat exchanger. This reduces the stress on the system and optimizes the equilibrium between the power of the heater (or heat generator) and the performance of the heat exchanger.

This makes it possible to:
✔ opt for a smaller tank than with a traditional water heater
✔ customize the combination of the storage tank’s volume and the thermal capacity of the heat exchanger

With the SLC electronic control unit you can manage the system by using the pre-set hydraulic schemes, which makes it possible to optimize and control the functioning of the system.

How to compose the AFK system you want?
1. take the code of the AFK kit with the desired power
2. take the code of the storage tank or the water heater you want to connect (see Flexy and Boil sections)
3. if desired, choose one of the accessories

The AFK kits consist of:
✔ a K042 gasketed plate heat exchanger with a various number of plates depending on the power which has to be exchanged
✔ high efficiency recirculation pump
✔ chrome-plated brass pipe fittings
✔ Materials

The heat exchange unit, i.e. the K042 heat exchanger, is made of corrugated AISI 316 stainless steel plates, encased in a carbon steel frame.
The frame is varnished with epoxy dust and closed with galvanized steel bolts and nuts.
The plates are separated with NBR or EPDM (on demand) gaskets. The body of the storage tank, the internal protective treatments and the available insulation are indicated in the sections on the Flexy and the Boil water heaters in this catalogue.

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