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Water to water Heat pump

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Water to water Heat pump

Water-water geothermal heat pumps GEO HFE 6-33
Reversible geothermal heat pump with highly efficient domestic hot water production unit 
Power from 6 to 33 kW

✔ Production of hot water for installation
✔ Production of chilled water for installation
✔ Production of high temperature domestic water
✔ Production in priority of DHW simultaneous with the production for the installation

Main features
✔ high efficiency scroll-compressor
✔ inverter circulators on the three circuits (device, domestic, geothermal)
✔ total DHW recovery
✔ DHW production up to 65ºC
✔ Galileus regulation for the whole system
✔ up to 5 heat pumps in series

Exchange on probe Exchange on well

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