Special fire-fighting system

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AK0745 Kit Bus


Special fire-fighting system

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AK0745 - Automotive kit - standard is composed by:
•    1 Main Unit
•    1 Sensor Unit 
•    1 Control Panel
•    2 termometric probe that must be assembled in the engine compartment and linked to the Control Unit, which is calibrated for an intervention threshold of 120°C. The Control Units also controls the state of the cables, signallong eventual short circuits or cuts
•    1 FPG-Aerosol extinguisher generator containing gr.550 of solid Aerosol compound .

Extinguighing agent quantity:  550 g
Dimensions (max): d 165 mm – h 145
Total weight: 5,5 Kg
Casing: Stainlees Steel 

Universal kit for trucks and vehicles is a complete system that allows the monitoring of developing temperatures anomalies inside the engine compartment by activating either automatically or manually an our aerosol extinguisher generator. The Kit is assembled with pre-cabled wires and accessories for an easy and correct installation on every kind of vehicles. We product two different systems: standard kit and plus kit.

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