FLAG Copper Art®

Composite panel for roof

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Chignolo D'Isola, Italy
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Copper Art®


Composite panel for roof

Flag added two new materials to its creative product line: Silver Art® and Copper Art® the synthesis between the beauty of traditional metal roofing and modern technology. These innovative roofing systems are easy to set, in any situation. Thanks to the special décor profiles made of a material identical to the waterproofing membrane, it is always possible to reproduce the beauty of metal joints typical of traditional seamed roofing. A patented production system creates an indissoluble tie between metal parts and synthetic membrane, thus guaranteeing exclusive aesthetic values: Silver Art® maintains its colour unchanged in time; Copper Art® when exposed to the elements and to the oxidation process the membrane assumes a typical patina witnessing its life on site, exactly as the coverings made of genuine copper. The result is an easy to set product, virtually maintenance-free, that does not corrode and is not subject to thermo-dilatation. Silver Art®  and Copper Art® can be either mechanically fixed or bonded to the substrate and are compatible with most supporting structures, including timber, metal and concrete. Stratigraphy has to be planned with fit thermo-insulating systems to adapt it to any environmental and climate condition and to the standards in force. Silver Art®  and Copper Art® always guarantee a long-lasting waterproofing and an incomparable aesthetic quality, and being light they are the right solution for large roofing or to refurbish existing structures.

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