Prefabricated polymer membrane

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FLAGON Energy Plus


Prefabricated polymer membrane

Starting from the principle that the energy of light electromagnetic radiations preserves, we can deduce that the energy absorbed by a earthly body contributes to its heating, while the reflected energy is dispersed in the surrounding environment. 
In case of roofing the waterproofing membrane, subject to the action of sun light, tends to heat up due to the absorbed radiating energy. Therefore heat is partially transmitted to underlying elements, and as a consequence it increases the inner temperature of the building. 
Therefore, thermo-reflecting elements with high reflection index (high albedo index) reduce the phenomena of radiant energy absorption, thus significantly reducing the heat flow inside the building.
Thanks to the continuous research and to the development of more and more eco-compatible materials Flag Spa has formulated special high reflectance membranes called FLAGON Energy Plus, both for PVC-P and TPO range.
FLAGON Energy Plus membranes derive from the use of components with high photo-reflecting capacity and are particularly recommended for visible roofing either mechanically fixed or bonded to the substrate.
The key benefits obtained by the use of FLAGON Energy Plus membranes are:
> lower overheating of the roofing and, as a consequence, of the internal rooms during the summer period;
> Less energy consumption of the conditioning plants;
> Lower thermal solicitation of the sealing elements and, as a consequence, longer lasting on site;
> better working

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