Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles

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Solignano di Castelvetro, Italy
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Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


Porcelain stoneware

Design Year

Timeworn floors used in places that normally remain out of view provides the inspiration for a new creative process. A blend of contrasting inspirations based on the traditions and locations of industrial archaeology have led to the creation of Backstage, the new collection from Flaviker.
Backstage derives from unconventional choices and the desire to experiment, combining paths and materials to arrive at extremely contemporary solutions. The coexistence of opposites often reveals a new way of looking at things: the varied graphic surfaces of terracotta are reinterpreted with the contemporary appeal of concrete; ceramic materials are transformed into pure creativity, breaking away from minimalist rigour to play a key role in unique spaces.
The rectified coloured body porcelain tile collection is designed to meet the needs of professionals and homeowners. The colours of Backstage reflect an unexpected combination of clay and concrete on ceramic panels with various modular dimensions, ideal for use on floors and walls. The surfaces come in 2 versions: natural and textured with a bushhammered effect designed specifically for exterior use. The range of decorative inserts, including original 8.5x8.5 cm Hexagon elements, marks a shift away from the classic rectangularity of ceramic tiles and allows for entirely new compositional layouts.
Backstage from Flaviker can be used to create surprising new tiling solutions, ideal for a range of architectural contexts including private spaces and unconventional applications. It makes skilful use of contrasting elements and materials and coordinates with the main Flaviker collections.

Technical details
Technology: Coloured body porcelain tile | Wall&Porcelain.
Sizes and finishes: Natural: 60x120 cm | 30x120 cm | 40x80 cm | 60x60 cm | 40x80 cm mix sizes | 60x120 cm mix floor | Mosaic 30x30 cm | Mosaic Hexagon 51x29.2 cm | 8,5x35 cm | 
80x80 cm thickness 7 mm
Textured R11: 60x60 cm | 20x40 cm | 20x20 cm (Tan, Ash), 
60x60 cm | 76x76 cm thickness 20 mm
Decorated field tiles: 60x60 cm Bisque Pattern | Ash Pattern | 40x80 cm Bisque Ake | Ash Ake, 
Wall&Porcelain wall tiles: 60x120 cm Freestyle Light | Freestyle Dark.
Colours: Bisque | Tan | Ash | Graphite | Spicy.

60x120 | 30x120 | 40x80 | 60x60 cm
40x80 cm mix sizes | 60x120 cm mix floor
Mosaic 30x30 cm
Mosaic Hexagon 51x29,2 cm
60x60 | 20x40 | 20x20 cm

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