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Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles

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Solignano di Castelvetro, Italy
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Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


Porcelain stoneware

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The new Forward collection from Flaviker enables designers to create living spaces with outstanding flexibility and diversity. Rather than merely reproducing natural materials, Forward uses cutting-edge technology to reinterpret their aesthetic qualities and create a comprehensive and highly versatile design collection.
Forward marks the culmination of a creative process that began by observing various types of stone, in particular quartzite and multicoloured slate, then captured and re-elaborated their essence by blending multiple photos. The result is a harmonious visual and colour combination in which the stratifications of certain types of stone are enhanced by crystalline effects typical of other minerals.
The Forward collection is ideal for use in a multitude of spaces, including modern residential, commercial, bathroom and wellness areas, with special attention to outdoor applications. In a free play of creativity, Forward uses the various indoor sizes to create multiple installation solutions for floors and walls, including combinations of the four different colours (sand, earth, grey, black). Added to this it offers a choice of different surface finishes: the natural sensation and satin appeal of stone or the honed version with unexpected iridescent effects.
Forward is also aimed at the construction sector with versions designed for use on exterior pavings. It comes in two R11 non-slip versions: 20x20 cm and 20x40 cm for conventional installation and a brand new 40x80 cm version with extra-large 20 mm thickness, also suitable for raised floors and for dry installation on gravel, grass and sand.

Technical details
Technology:  Coloured body porcelain tile.
Sizes and finishes:  Natural: 40x80 cm | 20x80 cm | 60x60 cm | 30x60 cm | 20x80 cm 3D strip | 30x60 cm mix sizes | Mosaic 30x30 cm, Honed: 60x60 cm, Outdoor R11: 20x40 cm | 20x20 cm (Earth, Grey), X20 thickness 20 mm R11: 40x80 cm (Earth, Grey).
Colours: Sand | Earth | Grey | Black.

Further details
It comes in two non-slip versions: 30x60 cm with a natural edge (thickness 10 mm) for conventional installation; and a new 40x80 cm rectified version with extra-large 20 mm thickness, also suitable for raised floors and for dry installation on gravel, grass and sand. 
Coloured body porcelain tile
41x81 cm natural | 40x80 cm extra-thick 20 mm | 30x60 cm natural R11 | 30x60 cm muretto mix 40x80 cm | 20x80 cm | 60x60 cm | 30x60 cm rectified
Natural, honed and for exteriors (R11)
Sand | Earth | Grey | Black
Interior and exterior floors in residential and commercial spaces and urban design
Natural: 40x80 | 20x80 | 60x60 | 30x60 | 20x80 3D strip | 30x60 mix sizes | Mosaico 30x30
Honed: 60x60
Outdoor R11: 20x40 | 20x20 (Earth, Grey)
X20 s. 20 mm R11: 40x80 (Earth, Grey)

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