Fontanot Spa GENIUS 020 | Open staircase

Modular stainless steel and wood Open staircase

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Coriano - Cerasolo Ausa, Italy
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GENIUS 020 | Open staircase


Modular stainless steel and wood Open staircase


Solid Wood, Stainless Steel and Wood

Genius 020 features a solid modular steel structure that blends in perfectly with the elegance and naturalness of the solid beech treads, which are available in four different shades. Unlike the Genius 010 model, the solid beech handrail on Genius 020 is anchored to the square cross-section balusters that create a solid and stable geometric impact, thanks to their thanks to their close spacing. Genius 020 is available in the round, square or steel flight configuration, each adjustable in height thanks to the transparent polycarbonate spacers; alternatively, on flight and square-shaped spiral staircases mounted adjacent to walls, the handrail is anchored to the wall.

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Dati tecnici

Finiture: faggio tinta noce, faggio tinta chiaro, faggio tinta ciliegio, faggio tinta noce scuro

Finiture in metallo: argento ral9006, bianco ral9010, bronzo, cromo
Width: from 67 to 95 cm.
Height: from 164 to 434 cm.
Rise: from 18 to 23 cm.
Going: from 19 to 26 cm.

Genius Collection by Fontanot Spa
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