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Aluminium heavy duty ladder

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Aluminium heavy duty ladder

JOKER - Three sectioned ladder, transforms into an indoor hobby scaffold.

- Multi-purpose disassemblable ladder.
- Usable as a mobile hobby scaffold or as a lean-on ladder, trestle ladder and on uneven ground where there are slight differences in height.
- Non-slip squared rungs, 30 x 30 mm.
- Double-binded rung-upright connections.
- Multi-layered lamellar platform.
- Sections lock into place through use of automatic anti-decoupling hooks.
- Upper section provided with sliding wheels.
- Usable as an indoor hobby scaffold.
- With base stabilizer.
- Non-close adjustable aluminium spreader bars.
- Non-slide end caps on the base.
- The ladder configuration complies with European regulation EN 131.
A real joker of the family that other than being able to take all thepositions of the aluminium ladder, it is also possible to use it as a scaffold for simple hobby work.

For more detailed information please see the technical specifications of the product, available from the catalogs.

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