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Ventilated facade

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Rignano Flaminio, Italy
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Ventilated facade

GammaStone AIR is the most important technological challenge in the international industry of VENTILATED FAÇADES and is the result of huge R&D investments together with the skilled work of expert teams of Architects, engineers, and designers. Our team works continuously for the improvement of innovative and revolutionary building systems with the aim of harmonizing the aesthetic charm with the best results from the technical and functional point of view.

GammaStone AIR is an advanced eco-sustainable system able to satisfy the most ambitious and modern stylistic trends of architecture. It also optimize the functional requirements, the practicality and the comfort of living. Our ventilated façades, resulted from an intense research process, are an answer to the widespread need of efficient thermal and acoustic isolation for homes, work environments, etc., with structures and materials that, at the same time, guarantee unalterable aesthetic beauty.

GammaStone AIR is an excellent and unmatched cladding material; it is today the most suitable material available in the international market referring to ventilated façades.
This innovative paneling system for ventilated façades was developed in collaboration with the largest and most reliable companies in the sector. Together with our partners we reached top results referring to insulation, protection from weather events and from external noises.

The GammaStone AIR panels allow easy installation, versatility in architectural design, original stylistic solutions with a wide choice of large-sized marble, granite, porcelain slabs and stoneworks. GammaStone Structurally speaking, GammaStone AIR ventilated façades are really reliable. Our panels undergo stricht tests against wind, compression, hurricanes, etc. They are installed on a metal hanging structure fixed to the wall of the building with layers of insulation and protection materials are assembled within.

The function of the external panels is to protect and insulate and to create a gap between external environment and the structural wall of the building.

The GammaStone AIR Ventilated System with mechanically fixed concealed hangers offers maximum design and highest safety.

This system eliminates any visible fixing device on the panel surface, which results in a clean façade with the smallest joint possible. At the same time it guarantees the highest safety as the system is certified to resist negative wind loads over 450 kg/sqm.

Further info from manufacturer on GAMMASTONE AIR INVISIBLE SOLUTION
Further details
The structure
The system is composed by T shaped vertical mullions in aluminum fixed to the wall by two kind of special adjustable brackets: a structural one, 150mm high, to be put on the building slab at each floor, and the intermediate ones 80 mm high.
The first ones are designed to carry the vertical loads given by the own weight of the façade and to react to the horizontal loads, which means wind pressure and depression and act as a dilatation joint for the mullions.
The second ones are trolleys for the linear dilatation of the mullions, and they also bear the horizontal loads.
Between the basement and and the GammaStone AIR panel, a rigid or soft insulation panel can be put, up to 140 mm of thickness. The brackets’ length must be calculated.
Horizontal transoms are fixed on the vertical mullions to receive the concealed hangers of the GammaStone AIR panel. The quantity of mullions, transoms, brackets and hangers is determined by the requirements of the desired energetic and static performance of the final façade.
Dynamic thermal-fluid calculations determine the cavity between thermal insulation and façade panel, where the AIR circulates to keep the wall dry.
The particularity of the concealed cladding system are the narrow joints of 5mm between the panels, which results in an undisturbed aesthetic continuity of the façade in absence of any superfluous interference.
Technically, to hook the panel on the horizontal transom, the hangers are firmly fixed to the panel with rivets on the stainless steel sheet on the backside.
The perfect alignment of the panel is guaranteed vertically by adjustable screws and horizontally by a selfdrilling screw which fixes the position to control the linear dilatation.

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