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Additive for cement and concrete

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Additive for cement and concrete

AD-aerant is a concentrated emulsion of resins, which cause the cementitious mixture to incorporate microscopic air bubbles. Those form a fictitious aggregate, similar to an ultra thin inert, that doesn't require adding water to the mixture, thus increasing the cohesion. It improves the mixtures adjusting the grading and reducing the density. It helps the cement and inert wetting improving the A/C proportion. It transfers to concretes and mortars a tixotropic effect increasing the plasticity, waterproofing and resistance to the frost defrost cycles.
AD-aerant is an additive for concretes and cementitious mortars. It replaces the water mixed slaked lime in the plaster mortars, improving its aspect, support adhesion, and eliminating shrinking and efflorescence due to lime. Ideal when it is necessary to lighten the castings and to improve the workability of poor concretes and tiling. It reduces the floating effect when using light inert (expanded clay, polystyrene, perlite, etc.).
Concentrated product. Add directly or using an automatic dispenser AD-aerant to the mixture water.
Calculate the yield based on the cement weight and the use:
- For concretes 0.1 liters for a hundred kilograms of cement
- For mortars and plasters 0.2 liters for a hundred kilograms of cement/binder.
Synthetic resins solution
Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Dark brown
Specific weight: 1,020

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