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Cement adhesive for flooring

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Gattocel Italia

Carini, Italy
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Cement adhesive for flooring

AS-gattocel is a concentrated powder additive which gives cement adhesive properties.
Improved performances and various advantages for the applier:
-easy application, quick laying, high yield
-excellent thermal resistance (frost defrost cycles, heat resistance, etc.)
-increased plasticity (the mixture has an excellent thixotropy and workability)
-high weatherability (it is specific for outdoor use)
-increased tooling time and open time
-compatible with all cement types
-minimal inventory space, extralong long stock times.
AS-gattocel allows the laying of coverings, ceramics tiles, marble, cotto, mosaic, natural stone and similar, both indoor and outdoor. It can be used to apply skirting board, mosaics, marble doorstep, lapideous or tuff stone coverings. It then allows the preparation of excellent stucco for grouts.
Water down the content with 12 liters and leave it to sit for 10÷15 minutes. Then add approximately 25 Kg of cement to the mixture mixing until desired texture. Lay the obtained glue onto the surface with the toothed spatula then apply the covering over the glue layer.
Ideal for laying coverings with a slightly porous back such as klinker and porcelain stoneware tiles, or in presence of not absorbing substrates, special coverings, swimming pools, particular use, etc. Read the technical data sheet.
1 dose of product + proportional cement (25 kg roughly) for laying 7÷9 square meters of flooring or covering.
Concentrated mixture of synthetic resins
Appearance: Powder
Colour: White pearl-colored

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