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Glue and mastic

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AK_bill posting


Glue and mastic

AK-bill posting is a professional adhesive for glueing poster-boards and similar product. When watered down it changes to an easy tooling adhesive paste. AK-bill posting is clear, odorless and doesn't generate mould or bacteria.
Its use provides countless advantages:
- easy tooling, quick application, high yield
- weatherability, colour resistance
- compatibility with all kinds of surfaces (masonry, wood, metal, boards, poster overlapping, etc.).
AK-bill posting is used for glueing every sort of poster-boards over different surface types (masonry, boards, etc.).
Apply on clean, dusted and even surfaces. Pour 1 kg of product over 50÷60 liters of stirring water.
An adhesive paste will be obtained after 20 minutes of settling time. Mix again immediately before applying it. Smear the back of the posters by brush; leave to stand a few minutes then lay on the substrate flattening with a glue wetted brush. The glue can be applied directly on the substrate.
AK-bill posting is a high yield glue. 1 Kg of diluted paste can be used tu attach 8 to 12 square meters of billboards depending on the absorption and on the substrate's characteristics. AK-bill posting yield is 2÷3 grams for square meter depending on the substrate and poster characteristics.
Adhesive based on synthetic resins
Appearance: Mixture in granules
Colour: White

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