Gattocel Italia PR_rust stop

Rust prevention and converter product

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Carini, Italy
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PR_rust stop


Rust prevention and converter product

PR-rust stop transforms the rust by inhibiting the oxidation process. It quickly reacts transforming the oxidized parts in a black-blue colored metal-organic salt and by creating a barrier effect.
It is specific for the restoration of the reinforced concrete steels (pillars, beams, balconies, facades, etc.) and prior every oxidized metallic surfaces painting (railings, frames, etc.).
PR-rust can be applied to new steel too (for prevention use).
PR-rust stop is ready to use and can be applied by brush, spray or by immersion. Deep clean and dry the surfaces to be treated before applying. Remove with steel brush the most noticeable and easy to eliminate rust. Pour the product in a clean jar (not metallic) and apply a coat or more than one with an interval of roughly 30 minutes depending on the rust quantity. After 3 hours the treated surfaces are ready for the following treatments.
Protect the surfaces adjacent to the ones to be treated. Apply the next treatments (resumption of casting, painting, etc.) within and not over 72 hours.
1 liter of PR-rust stop treats an average of 20 square meters (= approximately 0.050 liters for square meter depending on the surface type).
Concentrated emulsion of ultrathin synthetic resins
Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Cream
Specific weight: 0,980
End Appearance: Strong film blue/black colored

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