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Screed and base layer for flooring

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Screed and base layer for flooring

AD-legat It is a concentrated emulsion of synthetic resins and lattices that transfers remarkable advantages to the mixtures: increased homogeneity and adhesiveness, increased tooling time, less shrinkage and less cracking. It increases the waterproofing and improves the mechanical strength to bending and to the weather and chemical agents. It leaves unchanged the breathability of the mortars and the plasters mixed with the additive and it can be used for anti-dust treatment and surface strengthening (AD-legat with water only).
It has various applications: resumption of casting, building finishing, generic restoration, tiling, leveling, screeds, rigid joint sealing, grouts and cementitious plasters, restoration of missing parts of deteriorated structures, improvement for the cementitious glues adhesiveness, and in all the circumstances where high performances mortars are required.
Water down 1 liter of AD-legat with 8÷12 liters depending on the application and add to the mixture in substitution of the water.
Apply a coat of primer (mixture of AD-legat watered down with water only) on the surfaces that must be covered by the mortars or by the added plasters.
Do not use in mixture where the only binder is the lime.
6÷30 liters for cubic meter of mixture to be added depending on the application. It is recommendable to calculate the yield in proportion with the cement. When used as primer the yield is of 0.025 liters for square meter depending on the surfaces characteristics (1 liter of AD-legat watered down with 12 liters treats 40 square meters roughly).
Concentrated synthetic resins in emulsion
Appearance: Viscous fluid
Colour: White
Specific weight: 1,035

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Additives for plasters and mortars Collection by Gattocel Italia
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