Gazebo Disoleatori Statici a Pacco Lamellare

Oil separator, de-oiler and grease separator

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Disoleatori Statici a Pacco Lamellare


Oil separator, de-oiler and grease separator

In laminar pack static oil separators, suspended particles whose specific weight is different from that of water undergo sedimentation and oil separation by gravity.

This is one of the most commonly used processes in wastewater treatment in order to obtain clarified effluent.

More precisely, the decanted water flows through a special laminar pack, arranged in such a way as to split up the volume available into parallel units. The water flows through the space between the various ducts and this laminar flow effectively separates the non-soluble particles in the liquid mass.

The main advantages of using a laminar oil separator instead of traditional separators are chiefly:
- reduction in the separation surfaces combined with highly efficient oil removal,
- elimination of preferential currents,
- considerable operational flexibility when there are changes inthe flow rate,
- low maintenance,
- long life.

To further purify the water, the liquid mass is channelled through a special adsorbing coalescence filter which traps any small traces of oil and grease that might have escaped the first treatment stages.

An automatic floating closing device (shutter) is fitted on the outlet pipe which, when the light liquid accumulated on the surfaces reaches a certain level, closes the outlet channel, preventing the oil from spilling out.

Supplied as standard
Gazebo Oil Separators are fitted with:
- laminar pack in rigid polystyrene,
- AISI 304 stainless steel flow divertors,
- reinforced concrete internal dividing walls,
- automatic floating shutter in AISI 304 stainless steel set for light liquids, fitted with a removable coalescence filter in open cell expanded polyurethane.

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