Gazebo Purification and disposal system

Purification and disposal system

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Gatteo, Italy
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Purification and disposal system


Purification and disposal system

The "GAZEBO" TREATMENT SYSTEMS FOR WASTE WATER from carwashes or similar facilities prefabricated in VRC, are made in a single piece from RcK > 400 Kg/cu.m. concrete, vibrated in metallic formwork and hardened with steam, reinforced with internal ribs, rough-faced, with total elimination of porosity and gravel clumps, with an internal framework of enhanced-adherence steel and factory-checked electrowelded FeB 44K square mesh, the entire structure compliant with Category 1 anti-earthquake laws.The standard treatment system involves a series of compartments for sedimentation, oil separation and flotation, biological treatment, final filtration, and accumulation and recycling of treated wastes.

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