Gazebo Sedimentation tank

Sedimentation tank for drainage system

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Gatteo, Italy
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Sedimentation tank


Sedimentation tank for drainage system

Imhoff tanks, sized in accordance with the provisions of the Official Gazette No. 48 of 21 February 1977, consist of two internal chambers: an upper chamber for sedimentation and a lower chamber for digestion.

The wastewater enters the sedimentation chamber where the suspended settleable solids slide down the sloping walls of the hopper into the collection and digestion chamber below through a connecting longitudinal slot.

To reduce the velocity of the wastewater flow in the tank, to distribute the flow evenly over the whole vertical inlet surface and to minimise turbulence that could disrupt the sedimentation process, protective guards (baffles) are immerged in the liquid near the inlet and outlet pipes.

In the lower chamber of the tank there is no oxygen (anoxia) so the sludge that settles on the bottom is stabilised; this mineralisation process is known as the “anaerobic digestion” of the sludge.

Supplied as standard
Gazebo Imhoff tanks are fitted with:
- PVC sleeves sealed watertight to connect the inlet and outlet pipes,
- AISI 304 stainless steel scum baffles for inlet and outlet pipes,
- AISI 304 stainless steel sheet plates inside the tank to form the hoppers,
- sludge extraction pipes.

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