Lacquered wood veneer kitchen

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Lacquered wood veneer kitchen


Wood veneer, MDF

This modern kitchen line has a powerful technical and aesthetic impact. The design makes the most of the natural characteristics of the wood. 
Velvet Élite has a “flat-groove” opening system. An angle of 30° is cut into the profiles of the doors so that they can be opened without external handles. These details give it an understated style while meeting ergonomic standards. The 25 mm thick doors and the decorative surfaces come in a number of materials: lacquered MDF in 24 gloss and matt colours (+ special lacquers); 18 different varieties of oak-veneered wood; and another 8 types of special wood. There are also 9 new colors for 3 layers solid wood Oak. Another feature of the Velvet Élite kitchen line is the increased capacity given by the 84 cm tall bases.

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The 3 layers doors (3S), entirely realized in GeD, is made to last without problems 100 years and more, thanks to the technique of the contrasted wood layers (8.7 - 8.7 - 8.7 mm) for maximum stability. 
The 3 layers doors are made in GeD thanks to a fully integrated manufacturing process, which starts from the purchase of reforestation trees and continues with the cleaning of the trunk, cutting, seasoning, construction panels, bonding, surface finish in the carpentry department; installation, assembly, technical accessories assembly and factory inspection. Each set of doors is done in sizes, type of wood, finish and color, according to the architect project. 
The 3 layers doors are available in solid oak or larch wood, currently only in the Velvet program kitchen, with natural or dyed finish.

Contemporary Collection by GD Arredamenti
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