Surface cleaning product

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Surface cleaning product

Regenerating Cleaner
consumption depending on the consistency of grime

What is it
Hydro-alcoholic mix of detergents, emulsifiers and sub-micronic mineral particles.

How it works
Its regular use cleans and keeps the beauty of natural matt and polished Porcelain stoneware
• Gives protection and shine to the tiles  
• Does not contain resins.
Leaves no cloud nor dulling.

How to use

For the frequent and ordinary cleaning: dilute BEL GRES at 2-3% in clean water (ca. half glass in 5 litres), pour on the surface, rub with a mop and remove with micro-fibre cloth. Rinse is not needed.
For heavy-duty and extra-ordinary cleaning:  use pure or diluted (max 50%). Rub with a medium-hard abrasive pad on natural matt/textured tiles and rinse with clean water. Use a soft pad on polished tiles. Remove the residue by rinsing.

Why to choose...
1. Specially formulated for Porcelain tiles
2. Perfectly cleans with no cloud nor dulling
3. Protects and keeps the beauty of Porcelain

Further info from manufacturer on BEL GRES

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