Anti scale and anti corrosion proportional dosing unit

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Castelfidardo, Italy
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DOSAPHOS 200 - 250 - DIMA


Anti scale and anti corrosion proportional dosing unit

DOSAPHOS 200, 250 and DIMA are anti scale and anti corrosion dosing units for boilers, water heaters, washing machines
and dishwashers. The operation is based on the automatic and proportional dosing of the Gelphos product, with chelating and
sequestering action, able to:
• prevent calcium carbonate deposits (no scale)
• form a protection film on the internal surface of pipes (no corrosion).
Thanks to the adjustable connection flange between the venturi system and the dosing body, Dosaphos units can be installed on horizontal and vertical pipes.
Dosaphos units can be easily installed in the small spaces between the wall and the boiler thanks to the special Dima fittings.
Dosaphos 250 and Dosaphos Dima are fitted with the Acquastop device, which avoids to build the cut-out bypass of the system and allows to refill the product easily without closing water supply.
Each pack includes a Gelphos Rapid refill.
Material: head in brass, housing in SAN.

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