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Additive for cement and concrete

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General Admixtures

Ponzano Veneto, Italy
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Additive for cement and concrete

The “MICRO-POZZ PFA + PRiMIUM RM” SYSTEM "FLY ASH + ADMIXTURES" SYSTEM increase performances and reduce costs are the priorities for any company that wants to be more competitive on the market, especially in tough times.The solution proposed by General Admixtures (GA) is the system “MICRO-POZZ PFA + PRiMIUM RM” (FLY ASH + ADMIXTURES), which combines new generation chemical admixtures, PRiMIUM RM, with Fly Ash - Micro-Pozz PFA for better concrete performance and lower cost. General Admixtures produces a large range of chemical admixtures for ready – mix and pre - cast concrete. The "SUPER", "PRiMIUM" e "GiNIUS” series are acrylic superplasticizers that, due to their formulation, meet all demands: cold or hot weather, workability retention, compressive strenght, shrinkage reduction. The combined use of these admixtures and the Fly Ash – Micro-Pozz PFA, a product with excellent filling capability and pozzolanic reactivity, allows to optimize the concrete mix design in terms of performances and costs:• costs are reduced due to the optimized dosage of components; • Performances are increased in both fresh (more cohesive and smooth) and hardened (higher compressive strenght) concrete.General Admixtures can consistently provide Fly Ash – Micro-Pozz PFA countrywide and year-round with consistent quality.The “MICRO-POZZ PFA + PRiMIUM RM” (FLY ASH + ADMIXTURES) technology represents a new level in concrete performance.

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