Formwork and formwork system for concrete

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Formwork and formwork system for concrete

This is a reusable and modular high-resistance formwork panel used to create textured reinforced concrete walls. Made of ABS, GEOPANEL ART is used in combination with GEOPANEL. The two elements are assembled to create a high-productivity mold for the production of textured concrete. The concrete surface receives the deco- ration from the panels and the result is a wall ready to be paint- ed or further decorated in order to achieve an even more realistic and creative look. Replicating the pebbles of a mountain stream, the River Stone panel is irregularly shaped to obtain a very “real looking” result. 
Simple and easy to use, GEOPANEL ART helps you save time and money. Results are immediate and no further action is needed on the decorated wall. Light and easy to handle, GEO- PANEL ART is a product with an excellent benefit- cost ratio. 
GEOPANEL ART panels are clipped onto the GEOPANEL 120 x 60 cm panels using the tie rods holes as latching points. Standard tie rods and anchor nuts are used to hold them thightly in position. Plastic spaces sleeves are inserted between the panels and are lost after the concrete pour. The panels can be assembled in any combination without interrupting the decorative texture. GEOPANEL ART is easy to handle and can be simply dismantled from GEOPANEL panels after use. The forms can be then cleaned just with water. 

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