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Giulini GODESSA STONE | Washbasin tap

3 hole countertop brass washbasin tap

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Giulini G

Pogno, Italy
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ODESSA STONE | Washbasin tap
3 hole countertop brass washbasin tap

Rubinetteria GIULINI presents Stone Collection, the perfect harmony between metals and stones.
An accurate selection of semi-precious gemstones, to furnish with refinement and elegance the most luxurious bathrooms in the world.
The stones are different both in type of material and in colour: Lapis, originating from Afghanistan, are distinguished for their typical light blue colour, which their name derives from. Their similarity with the ancients’ Sapphire stone represents their distinctive trait.
Malachite, historically originating from Russia, Africa and America, is regarded as one of the most renowned minerals and one of the most cited in legends. It takes its name from the Greek Malàchee, which means mallow, due to its unique green colour which can vary from a subtle to a more intense shade and come to a blackish nuance. This stone represents one of the most well-known minerals serving as decorative material.
Rhodocrosite, originating from Argentina, is a fluorescent mineral belonging to the group of calcites, whose name derives from the Greek in allusion to its rosy tone.

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