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Washable wallpaper



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Vintage graphics that create a play of geometrical and chromatic contrasts, engaging like artistic tales or settings in road movies. Leaves and branches that adorn, transform and enliven the walls, instilling a sense of continuous rebirth. Themes inspired by Japanese visual culture, between the search for essential rigour and poetic lyricism. Colours and fluid forms that emerge from the seabed, seen through the lens of memory, or with a close, penetrating gaze.
The 2018 collection from Glamora explores brand new iconographies and territories, meaning visual emotions and material sensations. Bringing every day spaces into the realm of dreams.

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Different materials, infinite possibilities
All the subjects of the Glamora collection can be realised on different materials, depending on their use, setting and aesthetic/texture effect to be obtained.
You can freely choose the versatility of GLAMDECOR, the precious and iridescent shades of GLAM-METAL, the sound-absorbing properties of GLAMACOUSTIC, or the innovative technical characteristics of GLAMTEC.
GLAMDECOR is a fabric-like material coated in vinyl, ideal for covering on smooth interior walls in standard conditions.
Easy to hang and remove, it is washable, fire resistant and eco-friendly. The slight embossing gives depth, texture and brings out the patterns.
GLAM-METAL is the wallcovering that lends architectural surfaces the iridescent reflection of metal and allure silk, through a refined yet essential stylistic idiom resulting from the fusion of fashion and design. Obtained by combining a thin metallic coating with a texture recalling the consistency of fabric, it allows setting to be characterised by a play of mixed colour and iridescent effects.
Suitable for covering interior walls and ceilings, it enhances the couture-style fascination of the Glamora collection thanks to infinite combinations of graphics and material.
Acoustic comfort is one of the factors that mainly contribute to the improvement of the environmental wellness. In the acoustic planning of specific indoor spaces, thanks to its high acoustic properties, GLAMACOUSTIC allows to improve the environmental comfort. GLAMACOUSTIC is a double-coated vinyl covering for wall and ceilings, made of differentiated layers. It meets the requirements of sounds reflection and creates a correct resonance, thus enhancing the purity of audible frequencies.
Thanks to its high absorption capacity of outer layer arranged on the wall, it allows to sensibly reduce both the external noises and the dispersion of the noises emitted indoors.
An emotion all to be discovered and experienced, resulting from a new, thin and resistant surface, with Glamora’s creativity and tailoring quality. Available for all subjects in the collection, in harmony with every design and aesthetic, without worrying about contact with water, steam and humidity. Whether it’s a wellness centre, a spa area or a shower enclosure, GLAMTEC becomes a long-lasting architectural element, lending itself to endless graphical interpretations.
An innovation that has received the 2015 Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Award, among the most prestigious international awards in the design field.
GLAM DECOR: ROLLS 50 cm (w) x 500 cm (h)
GLA-METAL: ROLLS 68 cm (w) x 500 cm (h)
GLAM ACOUSTIC : ROLLS 65 cm (w) x 500 cm (h)
GLAMTEC: TILES 50 cm (w) x 100 cm (h) / On demand

Agua Collection by GLAMORA
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