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Infrared sauna


The Glass sauna portfolio boasts a new radiant sauna, Hita, that teams up Glass' skills in an innovative and functional way with new radiant infra-red technology applied on wood, real brand know how from I-Radium which has recently become part of Glass' well-being range.
Hita was conceived through collaboration  with the architect Enzo Berti, and is a  “living space”, a proper well-being system that contemplates the whole ritual by presenting a space for preparation, one for the sauna and one for relaxation and proximity to the outside world. These are three moments perfectly integrated with the one modular made-to-measure project.
The infra-red sauna is part of a range of other Finnish saunas, already in the Glass catalogue, and enables accessible well-being for everyone as it doesn't have any of the typical side-effects of the Finnish sauna. Hita is also available in Finnish and eco-sauna variations. 

Further details
Technical features
Wood finish: Larch

Characteristics: Infra-red, Finnish or eco-sauna, door with locking hinges, infra-red or non infra-red panels can be installed in an adjacent outside area, irrespective of the type of sauna chosen.

Door: transparent crystal, horizontal handle with external towel-rack

Catalogue dimensions:
Infra-red: 85x85 – 135x85 - 160x110 - 160x160 - 185x110
Finnish or eco: 135x110 – 160x135 - 185x135 - 185x160 - 210x185

MTM: can be increased or decreased in multiples of 25 cm., in fared maximum measurement 185x135
Standard equipment: For Finnish and eco saunas bucket, ladle, hour glass, hygrometer and thermometer
Light: High LED for infra-red sauna, LED strip behind the backrest in the Finnish and eco-saunas

Smoked glass
External towel-rack matching the door handle
Additional external infra-red walls (max 10 modules) and non infra-red
Side window from 50 cm.

Pillow headrest with cherry stones (Not recommended for the ecosauna)
External benches

Spa Rituals Collection by Glass1989
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