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Custom decorative laminated glass for indoor and outdoor

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Courbevoie, France
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Custom decorative laminated glass for indoor and outdoor

VIEWGLASS is laminated glass with a transparent printed PET interlayer (polyester film).
For centuries artworks have had a signifi cant role in the interior & exterior decor of buildings as revealed through history. In the modern day, artworks continue to be desirable for display and admiration within building environment of all kinds.
However it is felt that the expectation for the application and function of artworks has remained much the same - artworks are usually limited to display on a wall out of potential harms way. 
VIEWGLASS is determined to revolutionize the integration of artwork in building environments.
Through the application of photo quality artworks and designs with safety glass, unique design opportunities and solutions are enabled both structural and decorative, with VIEWGLASS.

• Internal use :
- doors and side light inserts;
- partitions;
- balustrades;
- splachbacks;
- work top;
- floors;
- public art.

• External use :
- facade;
- windows;
- vitrines.

- High colour density and image detail. 
The VIEWGLASS process achieves incredibbly high ink saturation to the PET substrate providing excellent vibrancy, smooth gradients and continuous tones;
- excellent durability to moisture, humidity, vandalism and colour fade for the laminated versions;
- easy to clean, printing is contained inside the laminated glass;
- compatible to a range of interlayers: PVB, EVA, TPU.

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