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Glass office partition



CLIP-IN LIGHT is a fully glazed fixed partition system, using the high-performance and completely invisible tesa ACX Plus 7058 double-sided tape.
This system combines functionality, aesthetics and open space.
It lets natural light in but stops the noise. This partition system is ideal for offices, and noise is not a problem anymore.
The CLIP-IN LIGHT system is used indoors for edge-to-edge partitions.
It can be used in both dry and humid conditions:
- partitions;
- display cases.

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Further details
• Maximum amount of natural light: due to the invisible bonding solution, the glass optimises the distribution of natural light. It reduces the need for artificial light inside, and helps reduce energy consumption.
• Time saving: applying the tape is a clean and quick process that requires no drying time.
• Aesthetic solution: the joints between the partitions are of equal thickness from top to bottom and adhere perfectly to the glass.
• Resistance: the tesa® ACXplus 7058 tape is completely resistant to UV, humidity, high temperatures and chemical products. No discoloration is observed and it is shock-resistant thanks to the viscoelastic properties of the tape. CLIP-IN LIGHT meets the safety requirements referred to in ETAG 003 category 5, the approved European guideline for non-load-bearing partitions. Test reports are available on request.
• Acoustic insulation: compliant with standard EN ISO 140, CLIP-IN LIGHT provides good acoustic insulation. Test reports are available on request.
• Watertightness: the tape is moisture-resistant and CLIP-IN LIGHT can be used in humid rooms.
• High initial tack on the glass
• Environmentally friendly: CLIP-IN LIGHT is visually appealing and user-friendly, while also preserving air quality (no Volatile Organic Compounds emissions).

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