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Lacquered glass for interior decoration

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Lacquered glass for interior decoration

DECOLAQUE is a lacquered glass, the opaque and coloured aspect of which is obtained by the deposit and baking of a highly resistant lacquer on the back surface of the glass.

DECOLAQUE enhances interior spaces by cladding walls with colour in the home (kitchens, halls, bathrooms, etc) and in the commercial sector (hotels, offices, laboratories, hospitals, etc). It is also used to add more subtle touches of colour on furniture (cabinets, wardrobe doors, etc).

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Decolaque - Advantages
DECOLAQUE assumes a harmonious palette of colours that blend perfectly with natural materials like wood, metal or stone...
• Contemporary hues
The DECOLAQUE range consists of 26 colours, in warm and cold colours to adapt to different spaces according to ambience.
• Diversity of aspects
The DECOLAQUE range has metallic colours to meet current trends. The shiny aspect brings about originality and modernity.
The DECOLAQUE range is also available in a MATÉ version that offers a product with a satin finish.
• Personalized designs
To meet all inspirations, PERSONALIZED DECOLAQUE allows the inclusion of figurative or abstract designs, incisions and silvering.
• Durability and maintenance
DECOLAQUE is resistant to all types of household products and most chemicals.
Very easy to maintain, DECOLAQUE is cleaned by simply using a clean soft cloth with a nonabrasive cleaner for regular glass.
In damp areas, the metallic versions should always be used in the SAFE version.
The metallic turquoise shade cannot be used in damp areas, even in the SAFE version.
• Security
DECOLAQUE is classified A2-s1-d0 under the classification of reaction to fire.
DECOLAQUE SAFE can be offered where the use of safety glass is required.
Decolaque - Range
DECOLAQUE consists of 26 colours, 7 of which are available in metallic shades, 13 in hot colours, 13 in cold colours.
They are also available in DECOLAQUE MATÉ and DECOLAQUE SAFE versions (please consult us).
Standard thickness and dimensions:
- 4 mm: 3,210 x 2,550 mm;
- 6 mm: 3,210 x 2,400 mm;
- other dimensions and thicknesses: please consult us.
Surface mass:
- 4 mm: 10 kg/m2; 6 mm: 15 kg/m2.
DECOLAQUE splashbacks is specially designed for installation behind the cooking hob. The glass is tempered (SECURIT), then lacquered, allowing it to withstand thermal shocks.
9 colours available: alpine white, pastel white, coffee, mole brown, choco brown, sea green, metallic silver, dark grey, deep black.
Thickness and dimensions:
- 6 mm: 900 x 700 mm.
- Cold silk screen printing with a figurative or abstract design on clear glass then lacquering of the entire surface;
- incision then silvering.
Decolaque - Processing
The processing of DECOLAQUE is similar to mirrors: cutting, drilling, shaping, incision, screen printing, sand blasting.
When cutting, please put the sheets on a clean table in order to protect the lacquer.
Decolaque - Installation
DECOLAQUE is suitable for interior use only and must be installed in accordance with current regulations and good practice.
It can be installed quickly and easily with mechanical fi xings (in a rebate or using brackets) or with neutral silicones and/or double sided
adhesive tape.
DECOLAQUE SAFE can only be installed mechanically. For use in a very wet area (wall of shower), please contact us.
DECOLAQUE glass plays a role in maintaining a healthy and unpolluted indoor environment. 
It complies with the strictest standards* with regard to formaldehyde vapour and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
(*) Tested as per standard ISO 16000. Base line: France – Saisine Afssetn°2004/011
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