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Laminated glass

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Courbevoie, France
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Laminated glass

PRIVA-LITE is an active glass which, under the effect of an electric current, switches from translucent to transparent.
Priva-Lite solves problems linked to intimacy, confidentiality, structuring of space and security. Priva-Lite Classic and XL also offer communication solutions through the retroprojection of images and videos. 
ON/OFF – It’s that simple!

• Interior/exterior partitions
• doors
• security glazing
• projection screens
• shop fronts
• glass floors
• bathroom cabins
• train unit partitions
• high privacy partitions
• camera controlled hyper-active façade.

Further info from manufacturer on PRIVA-LITE
Further details
• Reliability over time. More than 20 years of experience and best results to ageing test
• Unparalleled level of transparency
• Light transmission almost identical in the transparent and translucent states
• European production + CE certificates
• Low power consumption
• Instantaneous and silent change of state via simple command
• P5A - P6B class par Tested protection against intruder attack
• 5 years guarantee
• Cutting
The glazing is delivered in the required dimension. No further cutting or drilling is possible. In the case of a hanging screen, the anchor holes have to be drilled during production and located in a zone without film.
• Power supplies
4 types of power supplies are available able to supply between 3m² to 20m² of PRIVA-LITE with one unit. CE certificates relate to all. UL certificate on demand.
1 type of power supply is available able to supply up to 4,5m² of PRIVA-LITE with on unit. CE certified. UL certificate on demand.
• Electrodes and cable exits
Depending on electrical protection standard and customers will electrodes can be positioned on opposite sides or on the same side of each PRIVA-LITE edge.

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