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Glass and aluminium balustrade

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Limbiate, Italy
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Glass and aluminium balustrade
Glass and Aluminium
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It’s the windbreaker that’s operated electrically to move up and down according to your needs. Perfect for bars, restaurants and ideal for sheltering gazebos, porches or other outside spaces. It’s an innovative windbreaker and provides a new opportunity to use on terraces and balconies. It’s constructed with a fixed lower part with motorized sliding glass panels. A versatile barrier that allows you to enjoy the outside view.

It is an innovative all-glass parapet equipped with an ascending/descending mobile element. This element goes up or down depending on the need for shelter from the weather. It’s a new possibility to use on terraces or balconies (watch the video).

The mechanism is easily operated by a remote control that can simultaneously control different components, such as creating a quick screen against the wind every time it’s needed. In the same way, the movable part can be quickly lowered when desired.

A feature of the Bellavista System is the elegant all-glass design which distinguishes GM Morando’s products: thanks to the absence of vertical mounts between the upper movable panels, a completely transparent barrier is created which allows one to admire the outside view without interruption.

The Bellavista Parapet System is made with a fixed lower part that can be made from glass (transparent or opaque) or with a blind bottom panel that can be covered or plastered like a masonry wall and thus becoming an integral part of the dwelling. 

Further info from manufacturer on BELLAVISTA SYSTEM | Balustrade

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