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Limbiate, Italy
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GIEMME SYSTEM® - Giemme Interior


Partition wall

GIEMME SYSTEM® - Giemme Interior -The transparent or decorated GIEMME SYSTEM glass walls can transform houses, apartments, public spaces or offices into separate rooms in a few moments, whilst providing privacy and sound insulation, thanks to a combination of 10mm tempered glass and a system of transparent polycarbonate seals between the doors.
The glass doors integrate seamlessly with the surrounding environment and are even available without the floor guide rail option.
In private homes, partitions can be used as a divider between the kitchen and the living room or in bedsits/studio apartments as a divider between the living and sleeping areas.
In hotels, restaurants, offices or business premises,  the GIEMME SYSTEM is suitable for partitioning a large space into smaller rooms which when necessary can be transformed quickly back into the large room.
Furnished with elegance and refinement and customised in infinite ways (including the choice of finishes for the aluminium parts: anodized, painted RAL standard or non-standard, wood effects etc.). Clear glass allows you to close-off from the environment and at the same time permits you to gaze through it without altering the perception of the surrounding space; a frosted glass solution lets light in whilst dividing the room into two separate areas whilst maintaining privacy.

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The Giemme system is built with tried and tested materials all of which add to the quality and function.

The supporting structure is made from anodized aluminium (20microns) or lacquered in polyester powder. All profiles are made from the primary alloy. The doors are made from 10mm tempered glass. The polished edge slides on the rails with special Delrin ® bearings.

The screws and bolts are made of stainless steel which guarantees excellent quality and abolishes the need for maintenance.



The GIEMME SYSTEM®can be constructed to surround spaces of all kinds and sizes. There are no limits to the width. The only factor to consider is the weight: Giemme system is fully suspended. The structure is able to support about 30kg/mq. Normal masonry or wooden beams of medium size are able to support this weight.

The maximum width of an individual panel is 750 mm but it’s also possible to exceed this width providing that the height isn’t excessive.

The parameter for the height is 2900mm. If it were necessary to cover heights greater than this, it could be made with a transom window (fixed or opening).


Despite the fact that Giemme system is a product designed as a second closure and therefore doesn’t need to be certified like a window/door GM Morando can demonstrate the quality of the product by obtaining the standard UNI EN 14351-1 (This rule regulates the performance of the window with regards to air tightness, water, wind and safety).

Between the doors and on the sides there is a seal made of transparent polycarbonate specially designed and patented by GM Morando. This H shaped seal fits perfectly between the glass panes shutting out the draughts and giving strength to the structure.

From a thermal point of view, it has the maximum classification with regards to air permeability and the 10 mm tempered glass enables the place to be acclimatized all throughout the year. Customers who chose the Giemme System will testify to this.


The practical and light sliding system allows you to shut out the environment and gain a closed, sheltered space in only a moment.

A particular characteristic of the Giemme system is that the panels aren’t single but united in groups of 3, 4 or more (depending upon requirements) and therefore it’s much quicker and easier to move them. The doors slide on the upper support rail with special DelrinR bearings that makes movement extremely lightweight (there are no wheels on the ground since the doors are hung from above).


GIEMME SYSTEM offers 3 different types of flooring guide rail:

-Without guide for folding glass doors with no more than 8 doors (4 on each side),  it’s possible to cover up to 5.5m.

-with a recessed guide

-or with 2 different types of external guideNuovo blocco di testo


• Cerniere sganciabili: sistema di cerniere con perni estraibili, che consente di pulire facilmente l’esterno di vetrate poste su balconi
• Sistema “curva-angolo”: permette di far scorrere le ante oltre gli angoli, lasciandoli liberi da ogni ingombro.
• Angolo “tutto vetro”: realizzazione angolo senza montanti con guarnizione magnetica.


Ad ogni realizzazione è possibile applicare una gamma di accessori, quali serrature, maniglie, maniglioni, chiudiporta, per creare ingressi e ante a battente da inserire all’interno della vetrata.


E’ possibile scegliere le parti in alluminio in diverse finiture, a seconda delle proprie esigenze: anodizzati, verniciati nelle varie tinte RAL, colori marezzati, effetto legno.
Il vetro è proposto nelle varianti: trasparente, extrachiaro, colorato, fumé, bronzato, acidato e persino serigrafato con decoro personalizzato.


I materiali con cui è costituita la vetrata, alluminio, vetro temprato e accessori in acciaio Inox, per le loro caratteristiche intrinseche non necessitano di manutenzione. Occorre solo effettuare di tanto in tanto un’adeguata pulizia.

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